I am a Software engineer turned Product Manager turned Entrepreneur.
I have 22 years of experience in web and mobile, always focused on users and revenue across the entire product life cycle.

You're welcome to connect with me on twitter or contact me on +45 30 14 37 48 or [email protected].

Please be mindful when contacting me with random cold calls or emails since i get too much email weekly. Don't connect at all if you provide outsourced software development services :).

Is paper sustainable at all?

There is a big transition (often away from plastics) into sustainable alternatives. When trees are our best technology for carbon capture, is it really sustainable to cut trees to make paper / wood? Even when those trees were initially planted under a commercial context for that sole purpose? We need to think harder about using wood. For instance, agricultural waste like straw can be turned into paper, using bee wax or other natural ingredients as binding. I see efforts…

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