Diet and Nutrition

My notes and goals on..

I’m curious and I read a lot.
I curate / condense it here if I care/have time.
Use this to get inspired instead of seeing it as advice.

I’ve been making a fair bit of reading and learning around health and diet.

That in itself is an adventure in 2023, at a time and age when everyone seems radicalized and opinionated online, often putting their opinions in front science or facts.

My main takeaway on the recent advancements sum up to this: We’re feeding ourselves badly because nutrition science preferred to become a PR department for the “Big Food” industry. This became an issue in the last 5-7(?) years when extremists became so vocal and noisy on the internet (specially social media).

We saw Science be shunned during Covid when it faced popularized voices and we saw a consequent radicalization of voices and fringe views during a pandemic that had to be handled better. The same is happening with food.

It seems that only radical vegans are right and everyone else is wrong (and should go to jail) until you turn your head around to find out that it actually seems that only radical carnivores are right.

Within that environment, here’s my summary of what diet boils down to:

  • We moved away from raw materials and eat too much processed foods
  • We are consuming way too many carbs and sugars
  • We are starving our brains from healthy nutrients
  • We killed our gut biome
  • We are eating too much and too often
  • We are not shocking our bodies enough
  • We’re putting micro-plastics into our bodies and don’t seem to care

My best approach so far:

Ketogenic diet to radically move away from starches (carbs and sugars), without any NOVA 3 and NOVA 4 processed foods.

Try 14-16 hours without food: have your last meal at 6pm, lots of water in the morning, first meal at 10am (difficult with kids) and avoid snacks between meals

Try intermittent fasting (periodically or not), specially if you’re overweight, and try a 3 day water fasting at least once to learn how your body (and mind) reacts.

Grow your own food: this is my favorite as I want to grow my own vegetables, meat, and can to rely on supermarkets to <3% of my food spending.

Drink water that does not touch plastic: Ideally, drink from a deep well with no plastic pipes leading to your tap, refusing most bottled water. Not always possible, for sure, so focus on finding filters that clean your water.

If you’re curious, here are some of my favorite podcasts on topics covering body, mind and soul.