As far as I am concerned, AI/Robotics/Software and Food are the core issues that’ll define the future of mankind.

It is undeniable that the future of Food will be defined by how we treat our planet and how we treat animals.

Animals for Food becomes a complicated topic when Science is clear about human biology and how plant-only diets are depriving us from key nutrients.

How can we be more conscientious about animal’s well being when our own biology and our own advantage as a species seem to rely on killing? Veganism either denies this science or simply ignores this.

I’ve seen vegans as a loud voice that is needed but I become against the extremist that often permeates since it makes the issue blind and dumbified. That affects the cause and it affects humankind’s future.

I’m currently exploring this topic further..

I’ve come to the conclusion that sustainable farming and stopping industrial farming is 95% of the solution. I worry about big corporations replacing farming with industrial synthetic meat because food security is way more serious than energy security (eg EU and Ukraine) or health security (eg pandemic).

Mortality is a new perspective that I did not consider before.

Does veganism even make sense when animals seem be unlikely to be aware of mortality, unlike humans?

I wonder if mortality is at the center of the entire issue?

I wonder if humans will clean this Earthy mess because no one likes to live in a messy house anyway, or if we’ll go a step further by doing more than the science will tells us to?

It is a complex issue if/when mortality, values towards animals and biology are involved. I hope that humans can find a way of reducing the tribalism to achieve a solution that’s better for all.