Human #1: “Every object have gravity”

Human #2: “We could shoot a bus-sized thing into a planet but nearly miss on purpose in such way that it’ll slingshot around in another direction even faster, and if we do that over and over again we’ll accelerate it. If we send it really fast, it’ll go to places that we can’t even imagine today”

Human #3, #4 …. #990,909,999: Oh, but [insert_negativity_about_something_cool_here_] because [_whatever_unrelated_reason].

The only thing that amazes me more than tech is humans that spend their pointless lives hating on tech.

It’s often exhausting to witness the negativity-centric “thinkers” powered by social media’s megaphone.

I love the pioneer spirit of the early internet days when outcasts (many descendent from the ideals of the hippie movement) saw the internet as the new frontier where new worlds could be imagined by their minds. We still see this in niches (eg AI nowadays). I wish that dreaming could become a thing for the masses.