My notes and goals on..

I’m curious and I read a lot.
I curate / condense it here if I care/have time.
Use this to get inspired instead of seeing it as advice.

I’ve been making a fair bit of reading and learning around health and diet.

My main takeaway is:

  • We are not moving enough
  • We over excite our brains
  • We live outside of natural cycles

My best goals so far are:

Food without muscle movement in the morning

Work before natural light disrupts our biorythm

Less screen time

Shorter batches of work with rest in between

Non sleep deep rest two times a day

No stimulants like coffee before 11am or 6 hours before bed

“Me time” beside work, family and sleep

If you’re curious, here are some of my favorite podcasts on topics covering body, mind and soul.