I just got reminded of the most amazing detail, while applying to a gig in an area outside of my past experience.

It is mind-blowing how much knowledge is available online.

At the expense of those with ADHD, the curious mind is living in the most amazing era driven by knowledge today. And that knowledge is basically free!

The way engineering happened in the 80’s vs how it happened after the PC revolution is just mind-blowing!

No one could ever imagine what a 1000x cheaper computer that you can use at home could become. And no one could imagine, how the internet would, AGAIN, super-charge that revolution even further.

I don’t think humans appreciate this enough. 95+% of the world’s GDP is today caused by these two massive waves of innovation.

This wonder is at the core of my passion for Tech.

And that wonder mixes with sorrow. I am sorry that some look at progress negatively. But I am also sorry that some tech “extremists” often make others scared about what progress and Tech really is.

By definition, Tech is magical and eyebrow-raising…

But I wonder if “Tech Positivity” can become more mainstream.. So more of us can dream.