I am a Software engineer turned Product Manager turned Entrepreneur.
I have 22 years of experience in web and mobile, always focused on users and revenue across the entire product life cycle.

You're welcome to connect with me on twitter or contact me on +45 30 14 37 48 or [email protected].

Please be mindful when contacting me with random cold calls or emails since i get too much email weekly. Don't connect at all if you provide outsourced software development services :).

Mailchimp just became the GOAT for what a bootstrapped startups can be

I had the pleasure to work with some of them in my ad network days, and I can see why they achieved what they did. A crappy “news” outlet talks about disgruntled employees that did not like the fact that they did not get a big exit but it is my understanding that they were compensated with salaries over the average, which was always known about and employees agreed to it. My previous experience with startups is that almost…

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